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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Music comforts me when I need it most. It touches my heart. My mind overflows with emotions and I am no longer here, but in my dreams.
A place where all things are possible. A place where loves knows no limits. A place where there isn't any sorrow. A place where happiness is endless. A place where I can be me.
Me. I am nothing extraordinary.I still search for myself. I'll find it in the unexpected and unknown. I'll find it in the lives of others around me. Me.
I am but a simple girl. I've known grief, sorrow, and pain. I've known happiness, love, and peace. I've been selfish instead of self-less. I've hit rock bottom....rock bottom. I've felt like there was noting left to live for. I've seen darkness and allowed it to fire every fiber of my being. It blinded my spirit until there was nothing left, but a million broken pieces. I've shunned my faith when it was my only hope. am nothing special.
Yet, when I see where I've come from...I know I am something. Each road I took lead me to a place. Happy or sad. Bright or dark. Each stumble, I picked myself back up again and along the way I learned of love, hope, faith, and peace. I am strong, beautiful, and confident. Mistakes are but scars, barely noticeable, yet life changing.
I am loved. I love. I live my life. There is still so much to find, so much more to learn, experience, and discover.
Journeys are all about discoveries. My journey will be amazing. I have the love of friends and family. Love keeps you going. It lights the path of each journey I embark on. Inspiration, faith, hope, and love guide my heart.

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