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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Red Balloon

I bought a red balloon…just like she asked. Of all the things in the world that I could have given her, and all she wanted was a red balloon. I guess it is not so much the red balloon that matters, but what is attached to the string of the red balloon. A letter. Yes, indeed a letter.
I sat at my writing desk, unable to process what had been asked of me. Her last words played in my mind like a broken record. I knew what I had to do, and how could I let her down. I said a small prayer, asking for guidance. I sighed a deep sigh and began to write, and this is what I wrote:

Dear Grandma the Great:
I am sorry it took me so long to do this. I know what you asked of me, but I didn’t understand why. Of all the things that I could have done for you and all you wanted was this. I miss you. We all miss you. Life is not the same without you. It would be selfish of me to wish you back. I miss your stories. I miss your hugs. I miss everything about you.
I am sorry I wasn’t there for you. I am sorry I didn’t come to say good-bye. I regret it and will be mad at myself for the rest of my life.
When you left, I lost all my memories of you. It was almost like I was protecting myself. Little by little the memories started to come back. You are forever written on my heart. I will never forget you, again. I love you, grandma dear. Good-bye.

With all my love, your great granddaughter,
Jennifer Lynn

I rolled the letter up and tied it to the string of the red balloon. I took the balloon outside.
"If you ever need me, send a letter to heaven to me on a red balloon."
Her words played in my mind once more. I released the red balloon and watched it drift far up into the beautiful blue sky until I could no longer see it. I smiled and returned inside knowing far well, she got it.