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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

“The fact is lying is a necessity. We lie to ourselves because the truth freaking hurts. Here’s the truth about the truth….it hurts. So, we lie.”

                                                                                                -Grey’s Anatomy

I’m fine. I’m good. I’m okay. These are the most common lies we tell ourselves. If for one second, we let ourselves think otherwise everything will fall apart. I wrote this poem because, at first, I wanted to write this blog to hurt someone else. I am currently in a situation where I was lied to and I got hurt and my heart was broken. Writing about that particular situation… it is not going to get me anywhere, nor gain me anything. So, I took a deep sigh of relief and this is what came out:

I told a lie and I don’t know why

I told a lie to get me by

I told a lie, I told a lie

I told a lie and that lie grew

I told a lie and that lie soared

Lie for lie

Day by day,

I get by with my lies I tell to you

It started small then grew big

And before I knew it

Lying was easy, lying was good

I gained much more than I ever could

With my lies I told to you

I couldn’t stop, it became my game

Lying was my winning shame

For every lie I told

I made you believe that I was the greatest

Now aren’t you deceived?

The lies I tell are on my heels

My closest ones are left dismayed

I choose to lie

I’ve sealed my fate

Lying is my life’s fortune

I lie to live, I lie to breathe

Lie for lie, each day I continue

With my lies I tell to you.

                                -Written By: Jennifer L. White

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