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Monday, February 13, 2012

Shake Your Groove Thing

“Adulthood is responsibility.”

                                                                -Grey’s Anatomy
This quote is perfect for my blog tonight. Adulthood definitely is responsibility and I got a good taste of it this past week.
I’m thankful I have medical insurance. I’m thankful I have good medical insurance. I spent roughly $100 these past two weeks in medical bills, doctor appointments, medication, and testing. Also, I had to take out another credit card (strictly for healthcare purposes) to pay for my wisdom teeth surgery. It’s hard. It’s hard when you make barely enough money to cover your bills and you have to spend what little money you have on necessary means. I do it (sometimes without complaining) because I know that it will make me a better person. I do it (sometimes without complaining) because my time will come when I am working the job of my dreams and money isn’t a concern. I’ve been working extra hard at my job to prove I’m worthy of the raise I asked for last month. I’ve been picking up extra babysitting jobs because the extra money is nice to have.
It’s so pathetic that a green piece of government paper holds so much power over us. That a piece of green paper determines so much of who and what you are in society. It’s so pathetic that I’m also afraid of that piece of green paper. That piece of green paper has held me back from moving on and out and pursuing my dreams; because, without that paper I cannot do a whole hell of a lot.
I wish there was a class on adulthood before we leave college. However, if I took it I probably would not have listened nor paid attention. Adulthood has a negative connotation. As kids, we couldn’t wait to be adults…now that we are here, we stop and stare and say, “Is this real life??”
If there is one thing adulthood has taught me it is this: that in the midst of the storm of life, it will always calm down and there will be sunshine. As adults we get too caught up in bills, money, work, bills, money, work…and maybe we just need to stop and shake it out. Dance it out.
Do you know how much stress is relieved when you dance it out? I came home from a really bad day at work and played Just Dance 3 by myself on the Nintendo Wii and I completely forgot about my bad day.
So, instead of letting the burden of adulthood get me down I plan on shaking my groove thing when times get tough. Will you shake your groove thing too?

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