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Sunday, December 23, 2012


I did promise myself and my readers 52 weeks worth of blogging. I wanted to make it mostly a tribute to Grey's Anatomy, as I think some of the quotes from the show have affected my life. But, as I read the quotes....nothing sticks out. I went through my poetry folder. I found this poem, and for some odd reason it just "stuck out." Enjoy!

I’m stuck inside this room
Here without you
Chained to the walls
No light, only night
Breathing hard
Falling fast
Facing all my fears at once
Bring me back to the place, where the light never fades
Safe inside the arms of you
Is where I want to be
So, bring me back to that place
Running away from it all
Nothing left to fight for anymore
Loud roars to cover my cries
No one sees the “me” inside this room (take me away)
Bring me back to that place where I first saw your face
Safe inside the arms of you
Where the light never fades
Take me back to that place
                  -Written: July 31st, 2005

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