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Sunday, June 17, 2012


“Communication it’s the first thing we really learn in life. Funny thing is, once we grow up; learn our words, and really starting talking the harder it becomes to know what to say.” –Grey’s Anatomy

With our world of communication today, we hide behind technology. Nowadays, people break up in emails and text messages. There is such a lack of communication. Words are shortened, grammar is forgotten, and punctuation is obsolete. There is no human connection anymore.
              I make it a point to do my best to put my phone away while I am out to eat. I do my best to put my phone away when I’m hanging out with a friend. However, there are times when Google becomes necessary or looking up an actor’s information on IMDB.  I do not want to be so attached to my phone that I cannot connect with someone on a personal level….look them in the eye, smile….CONNECT!
As a teenager, I struggled to find the right words to tell my parents why I felt depressed. It was always easiest for me to write it out. In writing, I wouldn’t get so emotional; in speaking you could only but expect the water works.
As kids, we do not understand the concept of words and how they affect others. Suddenly, we learn there are things that can and cannot be said.

I’ve always been a talker. At a very young age, I could speak well. I began reading at an early age as well. I loved words. I may not use a very big vocabulary very often, but I know it is there when I want to use it. There are situations when there really are no words to say, in death, in heartache, in terrible tragedies.
Sometimes the best thing to do, is to just listen and say nothing; to be there as a comfort and a shoulder to cry on.
         I’ve been in therapy for the past almost two years. I’ve been working on dealing with a traumatic issue, but I’ve also learned to be a better person and to be a better daughter, sister and friend. I’ve learned to be a better communicator and I’m slowing learning to be a better person. I will always be growing, learning, and becoming a better person; but, I will never stop…there is always room to grow more.
I feel as long as we are learning and making ourselves better, we can be better communicators. We can have the right words; we can know what to say and when to say it.
Relationships thrive on the three C’s: communication, connection, contact (physical). I do not know if I have heard this before or if I just made it up, but it is true. Put down the phone, hide the laptop, turn off the TV and talk to your person(s). Give them something to talk about.

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